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Custom solutions

Looking for an enterprise grade all-in-one software solution? Tired of connecting apps and using different products that are hard and costly to connect?

We streamline and optimize all parts of your software in order to raise the productivity of your employees and enhance the experience of your partners. We want your customers to have a unique experience when using your software.

We strongly believe in co-creation of software solutions. Your business experts in combination with our software engineers is guaranteed to make magic happen.

Everything you ever imagined can become reality with our strategy to create the software solution you have always dreamed of!

DevOps consultancy

DevOps is the practice of increasing a company’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. By automating various processes in the software development lifecycle without sacrificing product quality, we can reduce the time it takes for new code to reach your customers.

Ledgit can help you accelerate your software releases and build a culture of automation.

We help you assess your current software development lifecycle and work out a roadmap and vision for your future, more agile software development lifecycle.

Automation in a continuous integration/delivery pipeline

Automation is key in speeding up your delivery to your customers. Automation can be applied in several steps of the software development lifecycle.

  • Developer tooling
  • Code quality testing
  • Security analysis
  • Documentation generation
  • Functional testing
  • Preview releases with automatic test environments
  • Production deployments
  • Performance monitoring and application logging


At Ledgit, we adopt the Scrum framework in all software development projects. Our in-house Scrum Master and Product owner can assist you to adopt the Scrum-methodology in you project.

We thoroughly believe empirical inspect and adapt feedback loops can work magic for the development speed and efficiency of your project.

Small self-governing teams who teach themselves how to work more efficiently, without the need for managers, eliminating unnecessary meetings sounds like a dream, right?

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."

Ronald E. Osborn


  • Agile - Incremental working improvements
  • Our software knowledge - Your business expertise
  • Less meetings - More results
  • Added value is key

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